“The Dhamma Brothers have taken their own passage to India and discovered a practice of meditation that guides them down their inner path to freedom.”
–John Lewis, U.S. Congressman
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Listen to an interview with Jenny Phillips about The Dhamma Brothers and Beyond The Wall:
Contemplify 013: Filmmaker and Cultural Anthropologist Jenny Phillips on the Wisdom Found Behind (and Beyond) Prison Bars
Air date: 10/24/16

Introducing our latest film, Beyond the Wall. This film bears witness to the profound difficulty of rebuilding a life after imprisonment. Check it out at beyondthewallfilm.com

Listen to Pluralism Project Research Associates (Harvard University) Cody Musselman and Maggie Krueger discuss Buddhist meditation in American prisons with Jenny Phillips:
Episode 5 — Part II “Religious Diversity and American Prisons”
Air date: 06/17/15

Freedom Behind Bars Foundation has partnered with Journeys in Film in developing a comprehensive curriculum guide for high school and college classrooms.

Download the free curriculum

Letters From The Dhamma Brothers E-Book now available in Apple's iBookstore. The E-Book is filled with dazzling photos as well as interactive video and audio features. Listen to the Dhamma Brothers speak about their lives in prison and the fresh, new perspectives that they have gained from Vipassana.

Listen to the Jenny Phillips' interview on Secular Buddhist Association:
Episode 154 :: Jenny Phillips :: The Dhamma Brothers

Listen to the Jenny Phillips' interview on Your Public Media:
Quieting The Mind With Meditation

The Dhamma Brothers premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network May 6th as part of the Super Soul Sunday programming! Watch the short film that updates you on many of the Dhamma Brothers, as well as the status of the 10-day program at Donaldson Correctional Facility.

Listen to the Jenny Phillips' interview on the Bob Edwards Show:
Part 1 (7:30 mins)   |   Part 2 (6:43 mins)
Part 3 (5:54 mins)   |   Part 4 (7:50 mins)